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Pro-Marcos Rally in Manila Calls for Unity, Opposes Chinese Aggression

On April 28th, a large group of supporters of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. gathered in Manila to express their backing for his stance on the West Philippine Sea dispute. The rally was organized by the Alliance for Peace and Democracy (ABKD), which emphasized the peaceful nature of the event. The spokesperson for ABKD, Rodolfo Villena Jr., reiterated their opposition to war and made a strong call for a united front against China’s aggressive actions in Philippine waters.

Villena emphasized the importance of peaceful fishing and resupply missions for compatriots without being harassed or water-cannoned by Chinese Coast Guards. He specifically referred to the Philippine Navy ship currently stationed at Ayungin Shoal in the West Philippine Sea, BRP Sierra Madre.

Villena urged fellow Filipinos to unite behind President Marcos Jr. and his crucial efforts to safeguard Philippine territory, which he framed as synonymous with protecting national security.

Although ABKD planned to march towards Mendiola Street, closer to Malacañang Palace, they were denied permission for undisclosed reasons. The reason for this denial remains unreported. 

This rally comes amidst ongoing tensions in the West Philippine Sea, where China’s territorial claims clash with those of the Philippines. It is a crucial time for the country to unite and support its president in safeguarding its sovereignty.