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Senator Lito Lapid Urges Senate Probe into Pampanga Pogo Raid

Senator Lito Lapid is pushing to include a Philippine offshore gaming operator (Pogo) recently raided by authorities in Pampanga in the Senate’s ongoing investigation. The raid, which occurred in Lapid’s home province, targeted Lucky South 99 Outsourcing Inc., situated at the border of Porac town and Angeles City.

The raid, conducted last June 4, followed reports of the Pogo hub’s involvement in human trafficking, leading to the rescue of over 190 Filipino and foreign workers. Senator Lapid emphasized the need for a comprehensive investigation to uncover the owners of the land and buildings used by Pogos and the companies operating within, shedding light on the individuals behind these operations.

Expressing concern over the potential implications of media coverage, Lapid urged responsible reporting to prevent innocent individuals from being unfairly associated with the Pogo activities in Pampanga.

As a former governor of Pampanga, Lapid condemned the heinous crimes discovered in Pogo hubs, not only in Pampanga but also in neighboring areas like Bamban Tarlac. In March, Zun Yuan Technology Inc., a Pogo firm in Tarlac’s Bamban town, was raided for its alleged involvement in human trafficking, leading to the rescue of over 800 Filipino and foreign workers.

Lapid’s call for a Senate probe underscores the gravity of the situation and the need for swift government action to hold accountable those responsible for criminal activities within the Pogo industry.