Security Measures in Hotels

With perceived terror threats, many five-star hotels in the Philippines have strengthened their security precautionary measures. They have built-in security systems to deter untoward incidents. To counter threats, inner and outer cordons are placed with armed guards and bomb sniffer dogs. Metal detection and bag checks are being implemented.

Real Martial Arts Fighting Technique

Kali is a fighting art that draws back to the Philippine cultural tradition with its history spanning 1,500 years ago. It is a weapon-based martial arts that primarily uses impact and edged weapons such as knives and sticks, where empty-handed techniques are taught after mastering the use of weapons.

Making Children Drown-Proof

According to International Life Saving experts during the World Water Safety Congress in Berlin, prevention instead of rescue or resuscitation is the most effective method of reducing drowning incidences. There is a clear link between drowning and water safety education.