This week’s modus operandi spotlight urges the public to be wary of job scams.


Scene of the crime: Advertisements and agencies.

Plan of attack: You apply for a summer job and your prospective employer informs you that you’re hired, but before they can make a formal offer they have to do a background check. Sounds logical, right? So, you provide your information, but never hear back about the job. The reason: You were the job and your identity has been stolen.

How to protect yourself: Due diligence here is key: Never provide sensitive personal information to a job site or anyone claiming to offer a job as a prerequisite to starting the conversation. Always make a few calls or poke around online to make sure the company and the offer are legitimate. Then interact with an authorized representative. If at that point you want to move forward, it is appropriate to supply identifying data.

Source: Ace And Associates Risk Management, Inc.