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  • How to keep cybercriminals off university campuses
    on June 29, 2022 at 4:00 am

    Cyberattacks have had drastic effects on universities and colleges, from the compromise of student and staff data to the permanent shuttering of higher ed institutions. Follow these five steps to bolster university cybersecurity posture.

  • 3 strategies for securing public gatherings
    on June 28, 2022 at 5:18 pm

    Security leaders who protect public facilities and events should employ a mix of access control, surveillance and crowd monitoring to secure public gatherings, according to a recent information session from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).

  • Lithuania hit by DDoS cyberattack
    on June 28, 2022 at 4:00 pm

    Russian hacker group Killnet has claimed responsibility for a distributed denial of service (DDoS) cyberattack on Lithuania.

  • Ransomware in Q1 2022 doubled total 2021 volume
    on June 28, 2022 at 3:53 pm

    The WatchGuard Technologies Threat Lab Q1 2022 Internet Security Report detected more than double the volume of ransomware in the first quarter of 2022 compared to full year 2021.

  • 2 out of 3 European citizens welcome digital ID wallet
    on June 28, 2022 at 2:35 pm

    Despite widespread support for the EU-backed Digital ID Wallet, security and data privacy concerns will need to be addressed, according to a new Thales survey.


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  • The Unique Challenges of Companies Born in the Cloud
    by Bill Brenner on March 9, 2022 at 3:18 pm

    There are stark differences between how to manage security policies for on-premises network environments and those that are 100% cloud-based. But many companies continue to struggle with those differences and have experienced plenty of pain as a result. It’s a challenge Rich Mogull has spent years trying to help companies navigate. Mogull, CISO at Firemon, The post The Unique Challenges of Companies Born in the Cloud appeared first on Security Weekly.

  • Ransomware Damage Claims Driving Insurance Hikes
    by Deb Radcliff on January 12, 2022 at 11:12 pm

    The costs of cyber insurance policies are rising exponentially while underwriters are tightening the rules around who qualifies for cyber insurance, and at the same time, insurer capacity is constricting dramatically. The numbers are all over the place, but the latest statistics from the Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers reported a 25.5% increase in The post Ransomware Damage Claims Driving Insurance Hikes appeared first on Security Weekly.

  • Decrypt As If Your Security Depends on It
    by Bill Brenner on November 2, 2021 at 5:35 pm

    Encryption has reached near-full adoption by internal teams hoping to implement stronger security and privacy practices. Simultaneously, attackers are using the same mechanisms to hide their malicious activity from the defender’s line of sight. According to the Ponemon Institute’s 2021 Global Encryption Trends Study, 50% of organizations have an encryption plan consistently applied across their The post Decrypt As If Your Security Depends on It appeared first on Security Weekly.

  • DevSecOps Scanning Challenges & Tips
    by Bill Brenner on October 26, 2021 at 3:57 pm

    There are many ways to do DevSecOps, and each organization — each security team, even — uses a different approach. Questions such as how many environments you have and the frequency of deployment of those environments are important in understanding how to integrate a security scanner into your DevSecOps machinery. The ultimate goal is speed The post DevSecOps Scanning Challenges & Tips appeared first on Security Weekly.

  • It Should Be ‘Cybersecurity Culture Month’
    by Bill Brenner on October 19, 2021 at 4:41 pm

    It’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month, but security awareness is about much more than just dedicating a month to a few activities. Security awareness is a journey, requiring motivation along the way. And culture. Especially culture.That’s the point Proofpoint Cybersecurity Evangelist Brian Reed drove home in a recent appearance on Business Security Weekly.“If your security awareness program The post It Should Be ‘Cybersecurity Culture Month’ appeared first on Security Weekly.