Heat caused PNR train to derail

A Philippine National Railways (PNR) train derailed last Tuesday (May1) in Cupang, Muntinlupa. No one was hurt.

PNR operations manager Lito Nierva told Securitymatters that the derailment was caused by the rail expansion of the train’s tracks. He explained that the tracks’ constant exposure to the sun caused it to expand.

Nierva noted that expansion due to heat is a common characteristic of steel, the material used in the PNR train tracks.

He said the tracks were cooled by water and the train’s wheel that went off the track was realigned. Normal operations resumed in the afternoon.


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  1. ang lake ng kinikita lage ng pnr pero dmn lng napapaayos yung daan at mga train…san napupunta yung pera?sa bulsa………..

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