PSIS at the Forefront: Continuing to Address Security Issues

We should factor in closer relationships in security practice here and abroad. The CSP national security program is the grandest. We should urge to keep the torch burning,” said Edward B. Parocha, CSP, Chairman of the Professional Certification Board of the Philippine Society for Industrial Security, Inc.(PSIS), the Philippine’s largest organization of security professionals, addressing the country’s security professionals during the fellowship and induction of the 2009 officers last year.

The occasion was well attended by management specialists who formulate security policies for banks, aerospace facilities, communication networks, hotels, shopping malls, and domestic and foreign corporations.

Since its founding as a professional security organization on December 17, 1982, PSIS has played a crucial and pivotal role in advancing the field. Its members provide security to a number of government agencies and private firms.

Proud of the PSIS

Roberto Labe, Jr., CSP, CPP, secretary of the Philippine Society for Industrial Security (PSIS) related that the security industry continues to bloom due to the influx of vital security requirements from other countries. “There will be more jobs for security especially in the BPO sector,” said Labe, who started in 2002 as a security officer of the North Luzon Expressway.

Parocha, who started his career in 1985, noted that the security industry has improved on technology, standards and applications and has continuously shared expertise in order to heighten security awareness through information dissemination. He added that the PSIS has been recognized and now considered an important contributor to the advancement of the profession.

Security in the Banking Industry

Leodivico A. Bungubung Jr., CSP, CPP, expressed that fraud, money laundering and robbery are the most common occurrences. However, these are minimal and can be traced to loopholes in security and safety systems. “Security is a mirror image system. Banks should look at security as paramount. The banking industry really needs security. It is a cost-center way of saving,” he said.

Security in Shopping Malls

Despite the global economic crisis, Estelito Cruz Jr., CSP, CPP, of Rockwell Land shared that he sees crisis as an opportunity. Although there is a slow down in the economy expected in 2009-2010, securing all businesses is an important task, he said, adding that with the spending power reduced, his company is preparing and improving security systems. •