Recent events and pronouncements in the murder case of Ramgen Revilla thicken the plot and dilute the credibility of the persons involved in this tragic episode in the Revilla-Bautista clan saga. Ramgen “Ram” Revilla (Bautista) fought his killers last 28 October inside his bedroom at his Paranaque home. He suffered several stab and incise wounds, and one gunshot wound. His girlfriend, Janelle Manahan, was shot at the face but survived to tell her story of the incident.

The Plot.

The victim was an aspiring actor. Surely his murder will catch much attention. Being a Revilla, his case will either destroy or build the career of police officers. His father is an accomplished actor and politician who is also a virile man to sire 72 children to 16 women. This will make bloggers busy with lots of stories and theories about womanizing. Ramgen’s other siblings are actors and politicians. This will provide the pressure on the investigating teams and usual Task Forces. Money matters beyond the one million peso monthly support triggered the plot to kill Ramgen. The first attempt to kill him was last 12 Oct 2011 when the alleged killers chickened out after suspiciously hearing a gun being cocked inside Ramgen’s bedroom.

Weapons used.

Previously, it was reported that the gun used was owned by the Revillas and kept in the house. However, the NBI is still determining the ballistics records of the bullet casings. Did the killers bring out the gun? If the gun is indeed owned or registered to the Revillas, why were the killers able to use it? Was there really a silencer? There could be one because it seems the killers were trying to suppress any noise by using also a sharp-point and single-bladed instrument as determined by NBI Medico-Legal. The killers, known drug addicts, may not have their own guns that they supplemented their weaponry with a knife instead. The killers may have hidden the pistol but the bullet casings recovered inside the house and the slugs from Ramgen and Janelle will make or break the case. Will the NBI break or make the case with the Paranaque police? The police must trust the NBI in this case despite the possibility that unseen powerful forces will still try to muddle the case with doubtful evidences and investigation procedures.

The Suspects

There are seven suspects per police accounts. Three are already in custody, including Ram’s younger brother, 18-year-old Ramon Joseph “RJ” Bautista. Four remains at large including Ramona who went home to her Turkish husband in Istanbul. Ramona was able to fly out of the country not because a barong-clad man using government ID card did escort her, but because there was no hold departure order or any warrant of arrest issued on her. She got legitimate reasons to go to Turkey. Despite her claimed alibi that she panicked when she gave her first statement to the police, she was seen coolly walking out of the house and strolling in a mall. She was so cool while waiting for her flight. And cool enough to outwit the police.

Questions, perceptions and perspectives.

Many people, even the police, were quick to blame the security guards of the subdivision for lapses or for failure to prevent the incident from happening. This is an expected reaction among those who are not yet oriented on security matters. This is the usual perception of people who think that security guards are the only security providers. Even if the house is in front of the guard house, the guards are not tasked to monitor what is happening inside the house. How will the residents feel if guards will always check each car and person for guns and knives? Imagine the long queue of cars and irate drivers with short patience. Such strict inspection will not prevent the use of kitchen knives and licensed guns inside private residents.

Many people cannot believe that no one heard the cries for help, the commotion inside the victim’s house and the gunfires. This is the perception of people who may have not lived in big houses at BF Homes where walls are thick, doors and windows are not only soundproofed but are also always closed due to air-conditioning. BF Homes’ Presidents Avenue is a busy and noisy street even at past midnight.

The perception of many is that Ramona’s departure was a flight of the guilty. But from the perspective of the lawyers, she is considered innocent until proven otherwise, and there is no court document for her arrest, to restrict her constitutional right to travel, and to be with her husband. Ramona was escorted by a government man who cannot be identified yet by the NAIA administration. Does this mean that the CCTV surveillance and access control systems of Terminal 1 are not working? Who ordered or prompted that government man to escort Ramona? How come the hot pursuit of Paranaque police was not able to reach Ramona? Why no warrant of arrest when RJ et al faced inquest already? Are there warrants already for the others who are at-large?

The murder of Ramgen also confirmed the stories about the Revillas, specifically Revilla, Sr. If he supports Ramgen and his eight other siblings with 1 million pesos every month, then each gets almost P110,000.00 a month. They are now exposed as “kidnapable and ransomable” targets. There are 63 other children of Revilla Sr with 15 other women. As expected, people now are asking where Revilla Sr gets this huge amount of money and connecting him to corruption when he was still active in government service until Oct 2011.

I support the Paranaque police on their findings and their collective courage to implicate Ramgen’s siblings. They have added a lawyer-police already to the task force, which is a good move to ensure that their efforts will not be wasted when brought to the court. Definitely, the Revillas can afford more lawyers aside from those who are talking on their behalf.

How was the handling of the body of Ramgen? How was Janelle brought to the hospital? Did the police and responding medical teams follow the protocol followed by police in the SM Pampanga shooting incident? The use of licensed (presumably) firearm and a bladed weapon will fan the ongoing arguments between the pro-gun and anti-gun proponents. The murder site in BF Homes also brings back the memories of the Vizconde case. Shall we hear from VACC soon?

Shall I hear from you too?