When Change is Good

“Mommy, bakit iba ang clouds dito? (Mommy, why are the clouds here different?)” my son said, referring to the sky seen just before evening in Manila.

It was the first time we had the chance to while away at the terrace of our new ‘home.’ It was the first time, too—after years of hibernating in the province—that I had the chance to really gaze up the city sky.

And he was right. The sky was very much different—much darker, much blacker than the sky we love to stare at back in the beach town we used to live in. What came thereafter was a simple conversation with him about the new environment we now live in, both the good and the bad sides of it.

Albeit it’s no surprise, of course, why the sky is different, I couldn’t help but wonder afterwards if the decision to move in to the city, the change of address, is a good one. I pondered on it for a while and realized that most of the changes have been good for both of us.

And because change is sometimes inevitable, even we at SecurityMatters are working on some changes, too, to provide more insightful content and stories to you, dear readers. Aside from having shared to you the opinions or thoughts of our in-house writers and guest bloggers on general issues, we hope to share you, here at Women’s Desk, more stories featuring women who have championed their causes or who have surpassed life’s challenges; women who continue to battle for survival and equality; women who are poor and oppressed; and women—whoever and wherever they are—who have extraordinary stories or lives to tell.

You will also have a more regular serving of our in-house writers’ blogs (including mine), which will come out every Monday.

And for the rest of the days, we are inviting our female readers to share their stories on just about anything. Write it, and we have a space for it. You can email us your stories at womensdesk@securitymatters.com.ph. Don’t forget to include an author’s profile and photo if you wish.

Can’t write but want to share your story? Tell it to us, and we will write about it.

Or if you know of a human interest story you want us to cover, please email your tip at womensdesk@securitymatters.com.ph.

I’m excited of these changes—and more—at SecurityMatters. Except for one more thing that my son again didn’t fail to notice: “Mommy, bakit walang malapit na beach dito? (Mommy, why are there no beaches nearby?” For someone who has lived in a beach town, that is one change we will surely—and sorely—miss.

(Lorela Sandoval is the Associate Editor of SecurityMatters.)

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