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Quezon City warns residents to move away from fault line

Following the magnitude 6.9 earthquake in the Visayas, the Quezon City government has reiterated its warning against those staying on or near the Marikina Fault Line.

Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista has issued a statement discouraging the construction of structures within the 5 meter-wide borders or buffer zone on both sides of the fault line.

“We are considering declaring this buffer zone as non-residential to avoid further damage in case of ground rupture,” Bautista said, adding that residents living beside or on top of the fault line should transfer to areas away from the fault line for their safety.

The areas on the fault line include Loyola Grand Villas, Loyola Subdivision, Ateneo de Manila University, Barangka, Monte Vista Subdivision, Industrial Valley Subdivision, Cinco Hermanos Subdivision, Blue Ridge Subdivision, The Acropolis, White Plains Subdivision and Green Meadows Subdivision.

The following roads traversing the fault line are A. Bonifacio Avenue (Barangka), Marcos Highway (Barangka), Santolan Road (Blue Ridge), C5 (Near St. Ignatius Village) and Green Meadows Avenue.

“Preparedness is the key in the prevention of any life-threatening situation,” The Quezon City government will soon finish the process of completing the tagging, marking and installation of physical markers at the actual locations of the fault line.

City hall officials said the local government has talked to residents in the area, but some of them are still in denial about the situation. Elmo San Diego, head of the city’s public safety office, said the information drive was undertaken so they wouldn’t be blamed when the time comes.

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