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The World According to Doc Ted Esguerra

He is known for his role as the physician of the Philippine Mt. Everest Expedition Team and the Voyage Balangay. Dr. Ted Esguerra, as you may not know, is also one of the foremost experts in disaster preparedness and advanced medical and technical rescue operations in Southeast Asia.

Much sought after as an emergency medical trainer by both government and private agencies, Doc Ted has a staggering array of credentials with memberships in both national and international medical and rescue organizations. But few know that he is also a talented poet and an accomplished artist, having engaged in the arts as a musical composer, painter and musician. In a way, he is a Renaissance man who has achieved excellence in almost every sphere of life.

His younger days were spent doing the dirty work in military hospitals at a joint US-British airbase in the Middle East. After returning to the Philippines, he joined the Philippine Coast Guard. Today Esguerra teaches at the Golden Success Wilderness Emergency Medicine Services and Outdoor Leadership School along Jocson street in Manila.


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