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Security guard shoots ex-defense chief’s grandson

Security guards are put on the spot again.

A security guard of Cherry Foodarama on Congressional Avenue in Quezon City shot a shopper last Friday night (April 27).

Quezon City Police said Jomar Tamayo, Jr. of Full Force Security Agency, fled after shooting Florante Ileto, a patron who happens to be the grandson of former Defense Secretary Rafael Ileto.

Reports said Ileto and his wife Catherine bought some items at the grocery store and went to deposit these at the baggage counter manned by the suspect.

Ileto reportedly wanted to deposit a black plastic bag at the supermarket’s baggage counter but Tamayo refused to accept it because it allegedly did not have a receipt.

Accusing Ileto of shoplifting, the security guard and Ileto had a heated argument, with Ileto pushing the guard to the floor.

Witnesses said Ileto punched the guard after the latter got back up. The guard then shot Ileto twice with his .38 caliber service revolver. Tamayo later fled the scene.

According to police, the black bag that Tamayo wanted to deposit at the baggage counter contained some clothing and DVDs, which had receipts.

Ileto was hit in the left shoulder and palm and was rushed to Quezon City General Hospital for treatment.

Last Wednesday (May 2), the supermarket turned over the closed-circuit television video to the police.

In the video, Tamayo and Ileto were seen arguing in the baggage counter. Suddenly, Tamayo shot Ileto and then the other shoppers scampered.

A manhunt has been launched against Tamayo who will be charged with frustrated homicide.

Ileto’s mom, Carmen, has called on the PNP Chief Nicanor Bartolome to relieve the responding police, saying they let Tamayo flee from the crime scene.

Carmen said there seems to be a cover-up as Cherry Foodarama had already claimed that a mobile patrol coming from Station 3 was already at the scene, coordinating with the management, and talking to Tamayo.

An ABS-CBN exclusive video showed a shot Ileto and another bloodied person, who appears to be Tamayo, pacing inside the locked-down supermarket. Later on, supermarket employees brought Ileto out of the store.

The police also arrived. But they claimed Tamayo already fled.

The Full Force Security Agency said they will advise Tamayo to surrender once they talk to him.

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