Santiago armlocks Tulfo in viral video

Actor Raymart Santiago apparently grabbed TV news personality and newspaper columnist Ramon Tulfo by the neck, from behind, during the scuffle last Sunday (May 6) at Terminal 3 at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, according to the YouTube video that went viral on the same day.

Santiago, who was wearing a gray shirt, not pink as earlier reported, can be heard as saying “hindi pa ako tapos dito (I am not done here),” while he armlocked Tulfo, by the neck, from behind. His companion, in pink shirt and white shorts, initially lunged towards Tulfo but he fell down.

Santiago held Tulfo by the neck, from behind. His companion subsequently was able to throw some punches at Tulfo.

When security guards were able to break Santiago’s clutch on Tulfo and restrain his companion, Santiago can be heard as telling the security guards and airport police, “huwag niyo akong hawakan, huwag niyo akong hawakan (don’t touch me, don’t touch me).”

Tulfo was on the ground and Santiago’s wife Claudine Barretto was seen having her share in the scuffle while her companions pulled her out from the fight.

Tulfo struggled to stand up. And when he did and walked slowly towards the counters, Santiago followed and shouted “kunin niyo ang celphone niyan (get his celphone).”

4 thoughts on “Santiago armlocks Tulfo in viral video

  1. The situation is bad enough, but since popular personalities are involved this issue, it may drag on for weeks. Filipino media indeed

  2. this is media milage at it best, two weeks ito before another issue shadows this over

    1. and yes, Tulfo and Santiago is really trending everywhere. overshadowing the scarborough dispute, which is by far much more relevant! i hate how petty incidents such as this make the news much more than REAL news

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