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Security guard robs own bank

A security guard robbed Friday (May 25) the bank he was assigned to, locking up his co-workers in a room before fleeing.

Reynante Gante, a security guard from the Audacious Security Services, Inc., robbed the E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue branch of Chinabank.

Police investigators said twelve bank employees, who worked till around 7:30 p.m., were at the lobby waiting for the guard to open the locked front door since he has the key.

The police said Gante was taking long to go down from the 2nd floor and so an employee went up to get him. To everyone’s surprise, Gante came down, with gun drawn, and declared a robbery.

Assuring the employees that he would not hurt anyone as long as they obeyed him, Gante ordered bank operations assistant Renee Rose Avendano and cashier Reynante Yu to open the bank vault.

Thereafter, Avendano was divested of her belongings and then locked up with her co-workers. Meanwhile, Yu was told to place the cash in a brown box before he was locked up as well.

Another employee, Jessie Alacala, who had only one of his two cellphones taken by Gante, managed to call branch manager Raquel Samala.

Accompanied by police, Samala arrived at the bank after two hours and released the employees.

The bank has yet to establish how much the security guard carted away. Gante fled on a Kawasaki Fury motorcycle.

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