Teenage Boy Killed for ‘Wew’ Facebook Comment

MISAMIS ORIENTAL, Philippines—Thirteen-year-old lad, John Francis Bagapuro, suffered from a blood clot in his brain which resulted to his death after allegedly getting beaten up for a Facebook comment, various reports said.

The victim was on his way home from school when he was assaulted by Arnulfo Cariaga, 18 years old, along with the two other friends on November 16 at El Salvador City in Misamis Oriental.

Reports said the incident was said to have been triggered by a photo uploaded on Facebook showing Bagapuro with a girl. Cariaga commented on said photo that the girl was his friend’s girlfriend and that he warned Bagapuro not to court her. In response, Bagapuro replied with “wew.” Cariaga later posted threats against Bagapuro, particularly about inflicting harm on him should their roads cross.

Earlier the victim has been allegedly treated at the city hospital where he was given pain killers, but he suffered from headaches and vomiting two weeks after the assault.

On December 8, he was rushed to Cagayan de Oro’s Northern Mindanao Medical Center. CT scan result revealed a blood clot in his brain that led to his death the next day.

The mauling episode was reported to the El Salvador Police Station the day the incident happened, according to the victim’s brother Johnel Bagapuro.

The Bagapuro family has also charged Cariaga for slight physical injuries on November 20 with the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office.

Nonetheless, the case is expected to be elevated to homicide upon the recommendation of Prosecutor Ruby Malanog, who asked the family to submit supplementary documents such as medical certificate, death certificate, and affidavits. Malanog further added that they might end up filing for a murder case should the pieces of evidence so warrant.

Police authorities are still in pursuit of the suspect.

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