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Questions on the Alleged Bomb Attack in NAIA Terminal 3

Yesterday, 01 September 2014, agents from the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) allegedly found explosives in a Toyota Revo parked in Terminal 3 of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). They have also arrested four suspects in relation to the incident.

The incident raises concerns and questions on how airport security and law enforcement authorities cooperate.

Here are some questions I would have asked if I were in that press conference on the alleged Improvised Explosive Device (IED) found in NAIA Terminal 3.

1. Why NBI?
2. Why only NBI?

3. Why was there no coordination with the airport and aviation security stakeholders?
3.1 Was the absence of coordination a manifestation of mistrust with those in charge of airport security?
3.2 is the “normal” situation at airports a manifestation the NBI scenario is not a serious matter?

4. If photos are shown:
4.1 When and where were they taken?
4.2 Who took the photographs?

5. If IEDs are shown inside the press release :
5.1 Were the IEDs rendered safe already?
5.2 If yes, were they set to detonate at the car park?
5.3 Were there any timing devices or timers to detonate the IEDs?
5.4 Did NBI ask technical assistance from seasoned Aviation Security EOD team?

6. How many agents were involved in the car park scene?
7. Does the NBI consider airport security inadequate?

8. Who are the suspects?

9. What are their motives?

Are these questions leading to something?

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