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Terrorism: Evolving, not fading

SMMag ASIS NatCon Landing Page 2014-10-07

Terrorism: Evolving, not fading

In 2013, the Global Terrorism Index identified Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Thailand, and the Philippines as among the top 10 nations most affected by terrorism.

Asia is, of course, no stranger to terrorism. Al-Qaeda-linked Jemaah islamiyah (JI) has a long track record of terror bombings in Indonesia and in the region.

Today, atrocities by jihadist group Islamic State (ISIS) hug the headlines worldwide—public executions, crucifixions, chilling displays of disregard for life and property.

In the domestic front, Abu Sayaff is back in the limelight, latching on the ISIS infamy and threatening to kill its captives.

The threat of ISIS, despite vehement denial from the military, has started to sow fear in the country with the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF), Rajah Solaiman Movement (RSM), Khilafah Islamiyah Mindanao (KIM), and Abu Sayaff pledging allegiance to the violent extremist movement.

And as different terror plots get uncovered, real and present danger looms. Our struggle against terrorism is far from over. The threat of terrorism has entered a new and more dangerous phase, making it more difficult to counter.

Lasting and reeling effects

Terrorism, by and large, is a political tactic that sends a strong political message to political targets through violent, attention-seeking attacks.

It normally hits public areas to embarrass political governments—it doesn’t really want a lot of people dead, it wants the world watching, in horror.

However, terrorism impacts corporate organizations more than governments. Businesses grind to a near halt after terrorist attacks. Acts of terror undeniably bear tangible consequences to the business landscape.

We’ve seen how the world changed after 9/11. Markets plummeted, stocks plunged, prices rose, investments froze, employees got dismissed, industries folded up. It took years for businesses to recover.

In the local business landscape, tourism-related industries suffer the most after a terrorist attack. Aviation, maritime, and accommodation industries reel from huge financial losses.

Countering terrorism and its ramifications: How do we do it?

On Friday, October 10, ASIS International – Philippines Chapter will convene members and industry players for its annual National Convention to tackle the “Evolving Threat of Terrorism in Asia.

This timely convention will be held at the iconic Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay City. The event seeks to educate and enlighten security professionals on the changing nature of terror threats and its ramifications on government and business entities.

Prof. Rommel Banlaoi, Executive Director of Philippine Institute for Peace, Violence and Terrorism Research (PIPVTR), is the event’s keynote speaker.

A presentation and panel discussion on the topic Evolving Threat of Terrorism from Government and Corporate Perspective will also be held. Joining this discussion are Matthew McLear, Security Manager of the Australian Embassy and Larmont C. Siller, Legal Attache of the US Embassy.

The national convention is where the top security professionals of the corporate world meet to network and update each other on national and corporate security matters. This was reiterated by Chapter Chair Mario Manipol, CPP, who recognizes the participation of several companies from manufacturing, tourism, medical care, mining, food processing, power, telecommunications, and security and safety services.

Dennis Acop, CPP, Associate Director of Wyeth Nutrition (Nestle), will tackle Corporate Security and Terrorism issues.

Armeen Gomez, CPP, Vice President for Safety, Security & Investigation of Resorts World Manila will share the challenges and solutions to terror threats affecting the hospitality and gaming industry.

Ace Esmeralda, Assistant Regional Vice President of ASIS International, will impart his 2013 Singapore Security Event presentation on Building, Structure, and Facilities Security.

The presentation and panel discussion on Corporate Security Management and Certification Credentials will be moderated by Edwin Molina, CPP, BCCE, Senior Associate at Ace And Associates Risk Management, Inc.

The event is presented by SecurityMatters Magazine and Ace And Associates, Inc., and sponsored by Canon and Panasonic.

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