Move that Money… Securely!

The most critical period during armored operations is during loading and unloading of cash. This is when perpetrators usually strike. When we talk of pick-ups from one branch to another, the bank security is there to assist the armored personnel to secure the area. Picking deposits from clients is a major concern, particularly inside malls or public places where the environment is undetermined.

Safeguard your Credit Cards

Be careful in handling your credit cards. Unscrupulous people are taking chances with all sorts of modus operandi wanting to steal people’s identities and use their credit lines. Preventing such incidents, some experiences in this article provide valuable lessons.

Security Measures in Hotels

With perceived terror threats, many five-star hotels in the Philippines have strengthened their security precautionary measures. They have built-in security systems to deter untoward incidents. To counter threats, inner and outer cordons are placed with armed guards and bomb sniffer dogs. Metal detection and bag checks are being implemented.

Banking on Security

The Bank Security Management Association (BSMA) was established to combat bank threats. Since 1978, the BSMA is an association of bank security officers from 45 banks who, through cooperation and coordination with related public and private agencies, keep banks abreast of the latest in bank security and combat criminals.